About Us

Our reputation and goodwill precedes us.

Our DNA is the single word VOICE.

Our clients, associates and partners love us as an audio content production house and we create voice based content in 28 Indian languages. We also do some video stuff but our heart lies in AUDIO. Not surprising since Darrpan Mehta, our Director, is a leading Voice Actor and one of the most popular, respected and versatile Voices in the Television Industry for the last two decades.
Some of the cool stuff we do:

  • Radio Commercials & Jingles
  • Mobile IVR Content in 28 Languages
  • Complete audio post production
  • Digital Content adaptation for Web and Mobile

As a responsible stakeholder of the Voice Industry, we try to create awareness about the world of Voice Acting through Industry blogs, articles, interviews with Voice personalities etc.. and will soon be launching a Talent recognition & reward platform for the Voice Industry!

Meet our key team members

Darrpan believes that true entrepreneurs live by the maxim, ‘Own up and never pass the buck’. As head of Sugar Mediaz and captain of the ship, Darrpan ensures that his team leads by his vision of having a system and process led organization. A multifaceted personality, Darrpan is one of Indian television's most listened to voice over actors, from television promos to corporate presentations, from radio commercials to conversational pieces, Darrpan is known for his skill at connecting the message to the audience for some of India's top television channels and media companies.

As the head of Sugar Mediaz, his humility, perseverance and sheer talent inspires his team to deliver with passion.

An astute professional and a fine human being, Kiran brings with her a calm and responsible demeanour that translates into unstinted commitment and fair ethics at work. Under a layer of sharp business acumen lies a warm and compassionate professional. Kiran is responsible for business development and partner relations. She also spearheads operations and product development. Zest for life and a passion for all things nice sums it all up for her.

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