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Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blogs bring you informative articles about the Voice Industry and meets up with prolific Voice personalities to know about the faces behind the Voices! Hira M and Darrpan Mehta from Sugar Mediaz give you a peek into the world of Voice Acting with this article. Watch out for more blogs on


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Voicing contributes in a major way towards the production of Film, Television, Radio, Digital and Online content and Voice Artistes have come around to be highly skilled performers who weave an array of emotions and expressions through their Voice.

The two primary branches of Voicing are Voiceovers/ Narration and Dubbing. While Voiceovers or Narrations require the performer to speak over a certain visual or in the case of radio, help create visuals with the power of their voice acting, Dubbing requires the voice actor to match her/ his voice with either an actor on screen or an animated character and often, sync the dialogues and expressions exactly as per the visual on the screen.


The art of Voicing is fairly complex and challenging, requiring a combination of multiple skills including excellent voice acting abilities, a healthy and clean voice, an ability to adapt to characters outside an individual’s personality, good command over the language of performance and many more. Besides this, a huge amount of perseverance and patience is a key element of every Voice Actor’s personality trait and not to forget the role of LUCK in landing that elusive Voice assignment!


Avenues for Voice Artistes

The Avenues for a Voice Artiste can be categorized primarily into;

–      Voice overs for TV Commercials.

–      Voice overs for TV promos.

–      Dubbing for Animation Films and Serials from Foreign to Indian Languages.

–      Dubbing for Live action Films and animation films.

–      Voice overs for Radio Jingles and Radio Commercials.

–      Radio Anchoring for Radio shows.

–      Narration for Corporate Film presentations.

–      Voice over and Dubbing for Documentaries.

–      Voice over for Mobile (IVRS) Interactive Voice Response Systems.

–      In flight announcements.

–      Online Radio/ In store Radio.

–      Voice overs for Digital films, short films etc.

–      Voice overs for E learning modules and Audio Books.

–      Mimicry/ Impersonation & Stand up Comedy


Voicing is perceived as a job that does not requires full-time attention which is partly true. Today there are many voice artists available and one can practically get the best artistes in all regional languages be it for Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali or English or any of the more than 30 Indian broadcasting languages.

Voice overs v/s Dubbing

Even though both voiceover and dubbing artists are doing the same work there is a slight difference between them. Voice over is generally described as giving voice to complement the visuals on the screen while dubbing is lending the voice to the on-screen performance of the actors and characters in animated films.


Dubbing can be described as an off-camera presentation, it is actually a technique where a voice that is not part of the original narrative is pre-recorded and synced with the original voice of an actor and/or to add personalities to animated characters.


Those who can bring to life characters to interpret the requirement of film, director or producer through voice modulation are voice/dubbing artistes and can think of a career in dubbing/ voiceover. While there is no formal education required it is necessary to have a complete command over the language you voice in.  Good dialogue delivery, acting skills, lip sync, timing and emotion are the key requirements.  Today, formal courses and workshops are available teaching diction and language skills, in-studio training, behind the mike acting skills and theoretical skills.

Beginning Career as a Voice Artiste

There are many ways to begin a career in this profession one can audition with recording studios or submit a demo CD. Some create a web page or upload their sound clippings in various voice websites. TV channels English programmes being dubbed in various Indian languages these days have opened up job avenues for voiceover/ dubbing artists. A voiceover artist can explore options in e-learning, documentaries, television, radio, web shows, dubbed films, advertising, animation, audio books and much more.

Stand-up comedians, mono-act and mimicry artists too are voice artists in their own right but in the world of virtual entertainment often get lost in the crowd. This age-old art of imitation of the mannerisms and gestures of other people more than often of well know personalities requires a great deal of talent to keep audiences engaged. Most importantly unlike dubbing or voiceover artists, they perform live using their amazing sense of humour or narration skills on the stage, in films and TV comedy shows partly as comedy and partly as a means of sharing various happenings in society without bias.




Recognition is far and few

Voicing and voice artists as a profession, however, is often given little to no recognition and is indeed a disturbing fact for them. They could be in the studio voicing for days on end but once they step out of the studio, they become just another face in the crowd. It is a profession where most artists have had conversations with others and never been recognized as the voice behind their favourite cartoon character, etc. as there are not many platforms that recognize their effort.

The Future

The future of the voicing industry be it behind the mike or live performances, as of today, is all about fast turnaround time, high quality, adapting to changing trends, requirements in technology not to forget the most important ingredient being high entertainment value. Today, new technologies are enabling recording with high quality sitting virtually from anywhere. As for the voice industry, all it needs is to fall in line.


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    Darrpan…One of the golden voices I have heard in the industry…very well written …your voice frequencies dance to your tune…keep up the good work…:-)

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Thank you for your love and encouragement Freddy. Coming from someone who has mentored me in many ways, this means a lot to me 🙂


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    Darpan great going. You make us feel proud today. Wishing you all happiness in life.

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    Sugar Mediaz, Darrpan has been doing a Fantabulous job in bringing the voicing industry to the forefront in every way possible… This blog is another recognition… Great going!

    • Sugar Mediaz

      This love and encouragement inspires us to keep doing work which highlights the Voice Industry and gets us our due recognition and place in the sun. Thank you Seaon 🙂

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    Hi sir….Aapki is behtreen koshishon ki main qayal ho gai…maine sari tafseel padhi,outstanding aap k is jazbe ko salam krti hun..god bless you…. Regards….
    Sayyed shirin..from nagpur.maharashtra.

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    Darpan sir,
    Sugar Mediaz is always close to the heart. Article is Very well described. All the very best.

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    SUPERB Darrpan & Hiraji??????
    This Article is so lucidly written that even a lay person like me can gain an insight into what a voice industry is all about. Best wishes to Team Sugar Mediaz ??


    People generally think about VO Artist’s but can’t meet or extract information about them but it’s such a pleasure to see that you are bringing them into limelight. I’m sure this platform will be very much useful for the budding artists as well. Great going, best wishes.

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Thank you for your appreciation and kind words Rachit. We look forward to celebrate the wonderful talents of our Voice Industry.

      – Sugar Mediaz

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