Bahubali – Meet the Hindi Dubbing Voice Cast!!

Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog brings you the ‘Faces behind the Voices’ of Bahubali, one of the biggest blockbusters in Indian Cinema. Meet the amazing talents from the Voice Industry who have dubbed for the lead characters of the film in Hindi.


Sharad Kelkar – Hindi Voice for Bahubali (Prabhas)

A popular face of Indian television and film Industry with some fantastic television shows and Bollywood films to his credit, few people know that Sharad Kelkar’s baritone voice is also sought after for Dubbing! He is the Voice of Bahubali in the epic movie and has been getting rave reviews for his work as a Voice Actor!

When Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog connected with Sharad, he lamented about the anonymity faced by Voice Artistes in India and also spoke about the dismal remuneration paid to Voice Artistes in India compared to their counterparts in the western countries. He mentioned that he is proud of his talent as a Voice Artiste and we at Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog feel that it augurs well for the Voice Industry when known Faces of Television and Bollywood speak highly of our craft and understand the complex and challenging art and science of Voice Acting!

Smita Malhotra – Hindi Voice for Devasena ( Anushka Shetty)

A veteran Actor and Voice Artiste, Smita Malhotra thoroughly enjoyed being the Hindi Voice for the lead character of this epic movie, Devasena played on screen by Anushka Shetty.

Smita has been around in the Industry for more than a decade and her voice has enhanced many on screen performances of stars like Sunny Leone, Nargis Fakhri, Pooja Ghai and many more! She is also the Voice of an A-lister bollywood heroine whom she cant name due to contractual reasons!

Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog connected with Smita to get her views about the Voice Industry and the lack of a platform to felicitate excellence in Voice Acting. She mentioned that there is a big need for such a platform and indeed it is important for the Industry and people at large to recognize the efforts and contribution of Voice Artistes. Smita also spoke about how people at large mostly have no idea about Dubbing and according to her Dubbing is primarily acting with the Voice and enhancing the screen performance of the character who has already shot on camera. In essence, she asserts that Dubbing is a challenging and complex craft and deserves far more recognition and respect.

Samay Thakkar – Hindi Voice for Kattappa ( Sathyaraj)

Samay Thakkar is a very well known Dubbing Artiste in the Industry and his repertoire of work includes hundreds of television shows, features films and animation content.

Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog spoke to Samay about this mega project and he expressed delight and privilege at being a part of Cinema history through a project like Bahubali. He recollected an incident when a highly emotional and complex scene between Kattappa and Sivagami was to be dubbed.When Samay completed dubbing for the scene and received a warm hug and a bar of chocolate from the Dubbing Director, who had moist eyes, he knew that he has lived up to the performance of the character through his dubbing! He thanks his training in theatre for his ability to get into the skin of characters and also has a special mention for Sound and Vision, India’s premier Dubbing House and Eliza Lewis, a highly respected Voice Director, for mentoring him and many others in their journey as a Voice Artiste.

Samay feels the pinch of anonymity as a Voice Artiste and says that the fraternity has certainly not received it’s due in terms of recognition from the Industry. He feels that there is a big need for a platform that can celebrate excellence in Voice Acting and recognize the best talents from the Industry.

Signing off, Samay spoke about his most cherished moment when he, along with some other leading Dubbing artistes were invited to meet Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan to understand their workings in light of his portrayal of a Dubbing artiste in his last film Kaabil!

Mausam – Hindi Voice for Sivagami ( Ramya Krishnan)

Mausam, a popular and sought after Voice Artiste is the Hindi Voice for Sivagami in Bahubali, performed on screen by Ramya Krishnan. Mausam performs in multiple languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Chattisgarhi and a few more!! Her repertoire of work includes hundreds of projects in Animation and feature films dubbed into Indian languages.

Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog spoke to Mausam about her experience during the Dubbing of Bahubali. She said that she is thrilled with getting to work in this epic movie and her only regret is that she could not meet the Director of the film S. Rajamouli during her recordings. She has great praise for him though and mentioned that every recording was personally heard by him and he also gave his valuable feedback on the right expressions for dialogues rendered by the Dubbing artistes!

Mausam does feel the pain that Voice Artistes have not got the place they deserve in the Industry and due credit is still not given to the Dubbing Artistes who play a huge part in enhancing the on screen performance of an actor. She was kind enough to praise the efforts of Sugar Mediaz for it’s various Industry initiatives to create awareness about the Voice Industry and provide a platform to showcase the achievements of talented and acclaimed Industry Professionals.

Manoj Pandey – Hindi Voice for Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati)

A veteran Voice Artiste, Manoj Pandey is the Hindi Voice of Bhallala Deva in Bahubali. Manoj has been a popular Television actor and has a wide body of work to call his own as a Voice Artiste.

Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog connected with Manoj Pandey and he expressed his delight with being a part of this prestigious project!



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  1. Jassi

    Superb coverage and insights into the voice industry…Congrats Sugar.

  2. Atul kapoor

    You guys doing a great job of getting voice artists due recognition and much deserved respect. Kudos to your entire team.

  3. Abhishek Chatterjee

    Really feels great to know about such exceptionally talented artists lending their voices to do proper justice to the characters of the movie…Hats off to them!

  4. Namita Gupta

    Kudos to Sugarmediaz….Way to go Darpan! A big congrats to all voicing artists who brought the characters alive with their magical voices!

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Dear Namita,

      A bug thank you to you too for your kind words! We are delighted that people are enjoying news about the Voice Industry.

      Sugar Mediaz

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Dear Amarendra,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Let’s together keep this movement going and get the craft it’s due 🙂

      Sugar Mediaz

  5. Sanjay Keni

    Can just express in one word ….
    “Superb” !!!
    Heaty Congrates too all these Dubbing Artistes who had really done the job with par excellence..
    To dub from original to a different language is itself a big challenge.
    And the team did it with passion..
    Even the translator cum Writter done his work very well..
    Sugar Mediaz Super ‘Thank u’ for sharing this ..
    “Hats off ” Team ‘Bahubali’ !!!

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    wow..great job sugar mediaz of getting voice artist due recognition..i know being an voice artise v take lot of efforts to give a justice to d character .n congratulations all the voice artist for the great job ..

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Dear Madhuri

      Thank you for your kind words and ecouragement. We hope to continue strongly working for the Voice Industry in times to come 🙂

  8. Samadhi

    Wow, a very nice effort by Sugarmediaz to interview and inform about all these voices which are behind the actors of such a successful movie’s dubbing. Great going Sugar team! Congrats to all these voice artists too.


    Shandar. I Am also a film journalist based in hyderabad. Wish to use your story for TV. Will give proper courtesy. Kindly consider my request.

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Hi Prashant

      Thank you for your appreciation of our efforts to bring voice artists to the forefront. You could connect to with us on 9820082651 to discuss the story for TV. Thank!

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    Really Happy to see these names together and their work is one among the finest.
    Thanks for sharing this Sugar Mediaz.

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    Jabar jast sound of Manoj pandey for balad dev.

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