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The super talented duo of Voice Director Eliza Lewis and Voice Artiste Toshi Sinha speak about the challenges and experiences of dubbing the hugely acclaimed Pixar film ‘Finding Dory’ in Hindi. Ms. Hira M from Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog interviews them.

Finding Dory is a 2016 3D computer-animated film which is a sequel of 2003’s Finding Nemo, an American computer-animated adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.  Set one year after Finding Nemo, Dory’s childhood memories suddenly start coming back. Finding Dory is the story of the forgetful fish who journeys to be reunited with her parents who along the way gets captured and kept in an aquarium from where her friends, Marlin and Nemo rescue her.  In the Hindi version Shaktee Singh, plays Marlin, Bugs Bhargava, Charlie the octopus and Toshi Sinha, young Dory. The credit also goes to dubbing director Eliza Lewis who has put together best voice talent on this project.

Meet Eliza Lewis (Voice Director) and Toshi Sinha (Dory) who share their experiences while working together for the Hindi dubbed version of Finding Dory

toshi-sinha-smallToshi Sinha, the voice of Dory, when asked more about the characteristics of the character she played and what was expected of her says, “Though it’s much more fun to dub for animated characters, (you get to relive your childhood), it is double the hard work while dubbing for reasons like there is no human facial expression to match. I was ready for the challenge, after all who would not be excited to voice for such an adorable fish. The whole movie was fun and equally difficult. I can’t really pick a favourite scene.

It took me 22 hours to dub the entire movie. Dory is a lovable character who speaks super fast, coz she suffers from short term memory loss, so before she forgets what she wants to convey she has to finish her lines, but yes she forgets in between. So keeping the voice texture in mind, the language, the fun part, the dialogues, clarity, sync, expressions whew!!! It was a tough job!



When asked whether the essence of the original film is lost when dubbed in regional languages, Toshi added, ” No, I really don’t think that happens because we adapt, keeping in mind the original storyline, characters etc. In fact this way we connect with our audience even more. 

eliza-lewis-small-sizeEliza Lewis, who has been voice directing Disney animated films such as Talespin, Ducktales and the first ever Hindi dubbed theatrical version of Alladin, has many anecdotes to share about her journey with Finding Dory.

She says, “Finding Dory was doubly exciting, firstly because Disney was releasing an animated dubbed film after a break of 5 yrs, (“UP” was the last film they had dubbed for theatre release, post which they stopped, as animated dubbed films were not doing well in theatres) and secondly this was a sequel to one of my favourite films Finding Nemo which I had voice casted and directed in 2003. Dory was voiced by Shobhini Singh a fantastic artiste. Unfortunately we could not trace her and so had to go for an audition in which the artiste had to voice match Shobini and Toshi was chosen. Well Toshi thought it would be a cake walk to do Dory, but after the first day she realized how hyper Dory was and she just broke her sentences in odd places and to dub her would not be that easy.. Hats off to Toshi, she did a fabulous job and remained true to the character!!


Eliza, please share some more experiences during the dubbing of the film in Hindi!

Eliza Lewis: Finding young Dory was quite a task for me because we had to dub with a real kid who was 5 to 6 yrs old. One knows animals and kids are most difficult artiste to work with. Luckily Sunder Sethuraman suggested that I should try out voice artist, Amar Babariya’s daughter, Demira, as she also does advertisements, but doing one or two lines and dubbing a film are two ends of a pole. Thanks to Amar who kept her entertained in the dubbing room and Demira (all of 5 and half years), being a born artiste, we managed to make the character real.

Nemo, dubbed by Aravir Puri, who also happens to be  celebrated writer Mayur Puri‘s son who flew down from Ahmedabad three times (once even when he was unwell) all for the love of the film and passion for voicing, all at the age of 11 years and all out of pocket.

Another interesting thing was Shaktee Singh voice of Marlin, the clown fish and Pawan Karla, the voice of Crush, the turtle. Both characters were from the first film and we had to use the same artiste as long as they managed to sound the same as they did in 2003. So when they heard their voices of 2003 both reacted “wow is that me” but they both just got into the 2003 voice just like it was yesterday.

Then there was a migration song which was approximately one min odd, but we had to record around 100 tracks for the same. All doubled tracked, with tenor, bass, melody …Whew!!! this simplest song was a humongous task so a big thanks to all the singers and Sunayana for their patience on this one.

When asked, as a Voice Director, how did you face the challenge of giving the Hindi Voice of Dory, a fish, a humane touch, Eliza said,

Eliza Lewis: “Frankly, the challenge of giving the Hindi voice of Dory a humane touch, I did not really have to do much as the original characters were humane enough.  I just had to add some Indian touch to the whole thing, like Dory in her sleep says “bade bade samudron main choti choti batien..” then all the Indian city names she takes when she forgets saying the actual name The Jewel of Morro Bay, California. All this is briefed to the writer.”

When asked to sum up as to who would be her dream voices for Finding Dory, if she was given a choice, she laughs “If I had to cast for Dory I would have loved to work with Kangana Ranaut (not a voice or age match just character match) Madhuri Dixit would have been nice too as age and voice match, Amitabh Bachchan for Charlie (octopus), Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher for Marlin.

Eliza, You have a reputation in the Industry of an oasis of calm in the chaos and also for extracting the best from Voice Artistes. Tell us about this !

Eliza Lewis: Woah this is the first time I am hearing of this Oasis of calm….maybe I should play poker …. Since my face does not reveal anything (ha ha ) .I am a bit hyper, especially on delivery dates, I guess it comes from my advertising background. I am also a bit impatient with late comers as I hate being late myself. Also extremely hyper when I make an artiste wait. So usually I tell them to sit outside the studio. Then like an ostrich I think they are not there and calmly carry on my work . But while working yes I have the patience and energy to try and get the best out of the artiste . I try to push them to a point especially when I know they can do it. This come from the fact that I am a director and have directed a few advertisements and corporate films and many advertising language versions. It irritates me to see artiste come in confidently with the sole purpose to show “see how fast I can sync and finish my work” not bothering to see the visual, understand the character..they are only interested in marking the pauses!!!!!


About Eliza Lewis

Voice Director Eliza Lewis

A voice actress, voice-dubbing artist and a highly reputed director of Indian dubbed content and foreign dubbed content. Her career started in the animation industry in 1986 with ThinkBig Productions. In 2000, she founded an dubbing studio by the name of Main Frame Software Communications, Mumbai. Eliza and her crew members have dubbed project works for Discovery, Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and other. She is involved in original animation casting and voice directions of several productions created in India.



About Toshi Sinha

Toshi Sinha, is voice over and a dubbing artist, who has been in the industry for quite some time now. She started her career just after school and is very passionate about her work. For her work is worship and she loves  to experiment with variety of work. She also does voice acting

Voice Artiste Toshi Sinha

for local Indian productions. She is a well known voice artist for the promotions/ promos of various channels. She is the winner of “Mirchi Kaan Voice Of the Year” for her radiospot “Gudiya” and her radio spot on AIDS Awareness won appreciation in “NewYork Festival Awards”. Her first dubbing project was Jetsons, wherein she dubbed for the character Judy Jetson. She has also been known as the Hindi voice to Anna Popplewell’s role as Susan Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia film series and for Nigella Lawson on Discovery Networks. Toshi has voiced for Colors Stardust Awards 2015- Kareena Kapoor’s act and also voiced for 60th Filmfare Awards Carpet as Miss Devi Diva.



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  1. Yogesh Rokde

    Wow… Fantastic interview… And fantastic persons behind the hindi dubbing of finding dory film. Toshi ji is one of the finest VO artist blessed to the industry. Equally..i must say, the directors put so much efforts on the VO artiste….
    Thank you for bringing VO industry people in limelight…. This is very knowledgeable and encouraging for artiste like me and many other who dedicatedly want to be a part of the VO industry.

  2. Kiah Shetty

    Well cionstructed interview! Amazing work put into making of desi Dory by Eliza and Toshi…All thd best! i cant wait to see it! -)

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