Meet the Dubbing Voices of TV show PAWN STARS!


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Sugar Mediaz met up with the talented Hindi Voice Cast of Pawn Stars, the hugely popular show on History TV 18!

Read this blog to know about the FACES behind these VOICES! Hira M. spoke to the talented team!


Today so many serials and cartoons are being dubbed in regional languages to cater to the diverse audience.

One such series is the well acclaimed series on History TV18, “Pawn Stars” which has been dubbed not only in Hindi but Marathi and Bengali too for Indian audiences.

Ever wonder who are the people who dub for your favourite serials and what the faces behind the voices of your favourite serials look like?

Hira M. from Sugar Mediaz spoke to the voice actors and learnt about their experiences of voicing the Hindi episodes of the acclaimed series “Pawn Stars”.


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PAWN STARS, the series on History TV18 – Which character do you play and tell us more about the experience of working on such a hugely popular series?

Amarinder Singh Sodhi – In “Pawn Stars”, I am giving my voice to the lead character of the show Rick Harrison. It is so much fun dubbing him. I would state that this character remains the most entertaining and challenging character I have dubbed so far. It has earned me quite a lot of fans too as people from all age groups are hooked to “Pawn Stars”. Many people have told me that they were frantically searching on the net to find out who dubs for Rick. They found this out from my social networking profiles. Some of them really like the way he laughs all the time. At times I even chat with these folks to know their feedback. I would like to use this platform to really thank all of them.

Raajesh Shuka  In the show “Pawn Stars”, I dub for the character, Chumlee. He is a laid back attitude kind of guy who is innocent, humorous, witty and sometimes very funny. When I was voicing for the first season of the show, I had no idea that the show will be so popular. I am really happy to be a part of it.

Vinod Kulkarni – I render my voice for the character – “The Old Man” (Rick Harrison’s Father, Corey’s Grandpa). Everybody fondly calls him “Daddu” in Hindi. It is a very different topic and I have rendered my voice to a character who is much more older than me. So I am enjoying it thoroughly. I am also dubbing for many incidental characters also like experts,shoppers,etc.. In my long career full of a huge variety of characters and projects, I find PAWN STARS as one of the most interesting and exciting Project!

Saumya Daan  I play Corey. From the first episode itself when we began recording for the show at Mayukhi INSYNC (the Production House), we all started to enjoy the show just because it was informative and at the same time very entertaining because of the subtle story line that the show followed. A huge credit goes to the Channel History TV18 for introducing such a show which was different than others. As I started recording and learning about the character, I started to enjoy the character more and more and thanks to the well written script it only became better with every episode.


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Do you get recognized or appreciated for the work you are doing?

Amarinder Singh Sodhi – Yes, to an extent. It feels nice when people comment on your performance. Some of them have even asked me to create a page of my own where they can connect on regular basis. The feedback so far has been really encouraging. But only a small section of audience knows about it. I feel as voices we need more exposure to our regular viewers. I often get this query from viewers that why are you guys keeping such low profiles. Why there’s not much info available about Hindi dubs?? It was heartening to know that some of the viewers have started watching this show because of the Hindi dub (a huge compliment). I am extremely humbled by the kind of appreciation I have received so far not only from the audience but also from the channel.  I take great pleasure in saying that in the recent past, History TV18  even awarded me with a certificate of appreciation for my contribution in “Pawn Stars” as well as their other show “Ice Road Truckers”. That was really encouraging.

I remember once I was visiting one of my close relatives. Both their kids were hooked to cartoon shows and when their parents told them that I dub for their favourite character in one of the shows on Nickelodeon, they refused to believe and I actually had to mimic that character to make them believe that I voice for that character. And then they bombarded me with one after another innocent queries. Couple of my school friends told me how they and their sons don’t miss a single episode of “Pawn Stars”. They often ask me to laugh like Rick. It feels really nice to be doing something that entertains people all the time.

Raajesh Shukla   Yes, Sometimes  I get facebook messages from unknown people saying that, Hey! I have seen your work in that series, I was searching about you, or I like your work. Some say that they are my biggest fan or that they love my voice and tell about all the characters I’ve dubbed till date. These messages really make me feel good about myself and my profession. I have also been appreciated by some of my seniors in the industry.

Vinod Kulkarni – Only the History channel people who have produced this series , my colleagues from the dubbing industry and my fans have really appreciated my work a lot. Our names are not even displayed at the beginning or end of the episodes, so obviously viewers can’t recognize us. That is a sad fact. Incidentally, Sugar Mediaz took the amazing initiative in association with Arena Animation in January 2016 to honour leading Animation Voice Artistes and I am proud to be the recipient of the STALWART Animation Voice Artiste Award. The award was given to me at an Internatinonal event called ORBIT LIVE at a glittering ceremony in The Retreat Hotel, Mumbai. That event also gave me an opportunity to meet with international personalities from the Animation world and I was overjoyed by the love and respect showered on me and my colleagues. I would like to sincerely thank Darrpan and the team at Sugar Mediaz for taking this initiative and honouring me for my long career in Voicing!

Saumya Daan  Sadly, there is no name mentioned in the end credits and so there is no way the general audience would ever know the Hindi Voice Artists….Yes, but the industry folks who recognize the voice do appreciate.  Well there are these few people who somehow happen to find out about the artist and approach us through social media too…. but that’s just a handful of them.  So yes …the recognition is there but mostly limited to within the industry and not much from the outside world.  No one really knows us!!

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Your views on the role of the Production House engaged in Dubbing this show?


All the Artistes: The Dubbing vendors or Production House of this series are Mayukhi In Sync run by Anju Jamwal and Pinky Rajput. Both are veterans of this field and their understanding of the medium and sensibility of Dubbing is amazing. Their contribution to the success of the Dubbed version of this show is immense and we would all like to say a big thank you to both of them for helping make this Project such a grand success.


Do you all have a similar bonding like the characters have in the show?

Amarinder Singh Sodhi – Yes…though our portions are recorded separately,  we keep bumping into each other in this studio and sometimes in other studios as well. As far as “Pawn Stars” is concerned, I share good camaraderie with Saumya Daan, who dubs for Corey in the show, but I share a good rapport with all the other voices too.

Raajesh Shukla   Yes, I meet almost everyone in the industry as we work together. I can’t say we all have the same bonding as we have in the show but I have very good bonding with few of them.

Vinod Kulkarni – We all do meet each other occasionally and share a good camaraderie.

Saumya Daan  Yes Of course…..Here’s an example – I call Amarinder Singh Sodhi ji (Rick’s voice) “Dad” in real life when we meet as well and he calls me “Son”…so that’s the bonding we have developed during the show. Besides, we all have been associated to this popular show for a long time so yes there is a different bonding within the team of producers, artists, technicians and writers through the show.

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Long before banks, remember there were pawn shops in villages – remember all those films where the landlord women went to pawn their mangalsutras… do you think this is why this serial is being liked in India?

Amarinder Singh Sodhi – Pawn in US is not only about pawning an item by a customer (as we call it girvi rakhna). It also deals with some very valuable items and antiques as well as some amazing pieces of American History being sold on the show. They sometimes run into thousands and lakhs of Dollars.  On this show, we often see customers making loads of money for something that they bought for peanuts.  I think this show has found resonance amongst the viewers across the country largely due to its interesting format, which is a blend of family ties as three generations are into the same business (just like our joint family system), great business tactics on the show, interesting items coming in the shop and the intriguing history behind them and customers from all walks of life coming on the show and sharing their interesting tales during their deals.

Raajesh Shukla – Yes, you have the valid point. May be that is one of the most important reasons behind its success. Apart from that the show has so many colours like you get history related knowledge with some humour. Sometimes they focus on moral values and the show has a proper blend of three generations from Daddu, Rick to Corry and Chumlee. May be that is why it is so popular among every generations.

Vinod Kulkarni – Basically the major viewers of this series are the youth and I don’t think the present generation even knows this. I think that this is totally a new concept and hence fascinating. Moreover these kind of pawn shops are common abroad and we have a tendency to emulate and appreciate foreign trends.

Saumya Daan  No! Not at all…… I don’t think so one bit!!  Well the show is liked because of very many reasons. Firstly, it’s not like drama-bhara TV serial that you see on TV. It’s plain, simple and every day stuff of our daily life that is shown, so people can relate to it. The best is the nok-jhok that is shown between Daddu, Rick, Corey & Chum that works which is again every day stuff.  Besides, the show follows a neat “Product > Information> Verification > Deal “ – kind of pattern which is to-the-point and informative. This along with the occasional jokes work. Hence not boring !! I have a few friends who watch the show and are amazed at the products that come in. The script is very well written … The performers deliver and the production house knows how to treat the artists well (they pay well too) So the output of the team is seen in the final product and is liked by the audience. I believe “Sab khush toh audience bhi khush !! “


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What would you like to tell the readers about this initiative of Sugar Mediaz of giving a FACE to the Voices through these features and articles about the Industry?

Amarinder Singh Sodhi – I would really like to applaud the two very important initiatives taken by Sugar Mediaz. I think every individual who is associated with Voice industry will highly appreciate this move. It is a fantastic effort as every talent must be duly recognized and rewarded for his or her achievements in their respective fields. It is definitely need of the hour as it will bring everyone on the same platform and will also be helpful in bridging the gaps. Voice industry has some fabulous talent but sadly it often goes unnoticed. It will not only give more exposure to the talent who seeks appreciation & recognition for his or her work but will also bring them closer to all those people who religiously follow their work. I would request everyone to wholeheartedly support this effort to turn this dream into reality. Here’s wishing the entire team all the very best.

Raajesh ShuklaI am really very happy that Sugar Mediaz is taking such a courageous step. I really appreciate that with this effort, not just voice actors, like me, will get recognition but the audience who really want to know about the voices behind the characters will be grateful. My best wishes to the Sugar Mediaz team.

Vinod Kulkarni – Great initiative!!! I really appreciate the concern for the cause and the commemoration of the voice artistes. It is the first of its kind in India. Sugar Mediaz is trying to bring the Face behind the Voice into limelight, which the voicing artistes deserve. Kudos!!!

Saumya DaanLike they say “ Artists are emotional”….. It’s not all money for an Artist .. (Psst… Don’t get me wrong when I say so….. Many are commercial Hot heads and it’s not wrong to be so too.   You need money to pay bills and fill your stomach too.!! hehe ). Never has such an initiative been taken in the past years & It’s highly commendable that Sugar Mediaz is putting in such efforts to help the Industry Folks get recognised and accredited for their silent efforts. You’re helping the Voices  – Get A VOICE !! Cheers !!



Meet Amarinder Singh Sodhi, the Hindi voice of “Rick Harrison”


Amarinder Singh Sodhi

Starting off as a model, he went on to work in Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan, as an army officer along with Shahrukh khan. He speaks Punjabi, Hindi, English & Urdu and his Voice acting work profile includes TV commercials, Radio spots, Narrations, Channel promos, corporate films, Animation shows, Film dubs and previews. He is the channel voice for Hungama, Disney channel and has also dubbed for many Hollywood actors like Samuel.L.Jackson, Nicholas cage, Arnold Schwargeneger, Mel Gibson, Ice Cube, Djimon Hounsou, Kennan Ivory Wayans and many more and done numerous shows for Discovery, NGC and Animal Planet. Recently he was a part of hugely successful animation film called “Char Sahibzaade” directed by Harry Baweja based on tenth Guru of Sikhs Sri Guru Gobind Singhji’s four sons.


Meet Raajesh Shukla, the Hindi Voice of “Chumlee”

Rajesh Shukla

Raajesh Shukla started his career as a Dubbing Supervisor and got into voicing and was soon a  part of many projects as a voice artiste. Few of them are “Pawn Stars”-Chumlee, Mickey Mouse clubhouse- Mickey Mouse, Ferha – Emir, Pokemon – James (Team Rocket), Tashi- Tashi, Robin Hood – Mischeif of Sherwood-Robin hood, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher – Dennis, Food Factory -co host.



Meet Vinod Kulkarni, the Hindi voice of “The Old Man” – Rick Harrison’s Father”

Vinod Kulkarni

Having voiced over 10,000 commercials, Vinod Kulkarni has been a part of International productions such as Popeye and Genie from Disney’s Aladdin. Some of the famous characters having his voice in Hindi are  Genie, Iyago, Sultan in Aladdin; Baloo & Kaa the python in Jungle Book; Popeye in Popeye; Silvester in Sylvester  and Tweety and in Loony Tunes; Goofy in Mickey Mouse Club House and Goofy Movies; Hadies in Herculis; Tantor the elephant in Tarzan; Dobby in Harry Potter; Rex the T-Rex in Toy Story – All Parts; Mannifred the Mammoth in Ice Age – All Parts; Cobra in G I Joe; Leonaidas in 300; Snowbell the cat in Stuart Little Movies All Parts, Animation Serie& In Cats V/S Dogs; Krull (Main Villain) in Planet Of The Apes (2001); Atlee in Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation; Plankton in SpongeBob SquarePants; Antonio in Tom & Jerry. He is also known for specializing in rendering his versatile voice for advertisements (TV commercials, radio spots, audio visuals, corporate films, documentaries, virals, animatics, narramatics, scratches, pitches, etc.) He has dubbed in 45 languages till this date.


Meet Saumya Daan, the Hindi Voice of “COREY”

Saumya Daan

It all began in the year 1994 when Saumya  Daan dubbed for ‘Jamie’ in his first TV Project – ‘Small Wonders’ which was incidentally the first ever international dubbed show to be aired on Star Plus. He has since done shows for Disney, Discovery & TLC, Cartoon Network, Hungama, Nickledeon, ZEE Networks, BBC, POGO, SONY, BIG RTL, Zindagi, CBS, National Geographic, Sahara TV, COLORS, NDTV Imagine, etc. and over the past 20+ years he has voiced in Hollywood and  Bollywood Films, Corporate AVs, TV Series, Animation, TVCs, Radio, Documentaries, for Internet etc. and has been behind the mike ever since! Though there have been times when he was away from this industry for his education, he was never really off but always around only to make a come-back in the year 2002 with ‘Spiderman’ (aired on Cartoon Network). being the big break-through. In 2010, he quit his Jet Airways job after almost 8 years of service and later joined an Event Management Company and today voices full time.


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