Interview with National Award winning Voice Artiste François Castellino!


Did you know that a Voice Artiste has been honoured with a NATIONAL AWARD for Voice overs in the recently announced 65th National Film Awards!! Darrpan Mehta from Sugar Mediaz meets the man behind the Voice…National Award winning Voice Artiste François Castellino

Watch the video interview to know more about this multifaceted and highly talented performer who has made the Voice Industry so proud by winning the National Award for his Voice-over in the documentary film, ‘The Lion of Ladakh’!

Get to know more about the Voice Artiste and his views about the fascinating art of Voice Acting! Francois also shares precious words of wisdom for aspiring Voice Artistes and expresses his gratitude to the Industry.










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  1. Gaurang Arora

    Congratulations Mr. Francois for the award.

    Thank you Darpan for interviewing him and passing this on. Voice-over has been included for National Awards since 2003. Yet only a handful of us in the industry knew about it until now.

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Hi Gaurang!

      Thank you for your kind words… indeed we have a long way to go with reference to creating mass awareness about the art of Voice Acting! Let’s work together towards a powerful future of the art form 🙂

  2. Anand Lale

    Its really awesome to watch this beautiful and informative interview of such a super artist!

    Thanks Sugarmediaz & Darrpan Mehta Sir.

  3. Aparna Manoj

    Lovely voice….It was a pleasure listening.
    And really commendable act for doing a noble deed.
    Thanks Darrpan for sharing.

  4. Lovette Correa

    Congratulations Francois.
    This award could not have gone to a better person.

  5. Samadhi

    Great guy! He spoke from his heart and is so rooted..Really enjoyed watching the interview. Inspiring!
    Congratulations Mr. Castelino and Thank you.Thanks to Sugar Mediaz again, for highlighting such good people.

  6. Dr. Sadhana Nayak

    Congratulations to Francois Castellino not only for his work but also for the wonderful and touching spirit behind the work he does. The recognition that he he has received is a testimony to the work of so many voiceover artistes in our country who are never heard of or acknowledged. Darrpan I am really happy to see that you are taking the lead in giving a name and face to the many talented vocal artistes we have. Best wishes and hope that this is the beginning of many more accolades for voiceover artistes and a recognition of the work they do.

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Dear Dr. Nayak,

      Thank you so much for your wishes and kind words. We endeavour to bring the craft of voice acting and it’s luminaries into the spotlight and spread awareness about this magical art form!

  7. Atul Kapoor

    Congratulations Francois!
    Very nice interview Darrpan. Sugar mediaz is doing a great job of getting recognition to the background guys.
    Keep it up.

  8. Hemang

    Inspiring & Educative …Thanks & Congrats Francois!

    Special Thanks to Darrpan Sir for helping Voice Over Artists have a ‘Voice’ 🙂

  9. Victor Castellino

    What an endearingly expressive rendition of such an extremely pleasant professional ..!!
    Kudos to Francois, incidentally, my dearly beloved nephew who, just as he has so expressively
    enumerated, I’m sure, must have also touched and inspired many a fellow listener too ..
    His frank and free tete a tete made not only listening to it a total pleasure but, even so much
    of a warm experience to hear him in so eagerly prompting and prodding the young and aspiring
    hopeful to find the confidence and encouragement for seeking similar goals in life … !!
    Bravo Francois !!

  10. Janvi

    Congratulations François ! Amazing initiative by SugarMediaz…Darrpan what a great thought of appreciating the people behind the voices !!! So proud of you and the entire Sugar Mediaz family. Way to go !!!

  11. Mayur Suvarna

    Congratulations to Francoise !! Super work Thanks to him we all now know that there is a National Award for Voice overs!! We Voice artists need more platforms for getting our work recognised !!

  12. Jassi Bhatia

    Congratulations!!…honours are in place for the great words of the great voice artist Mr François.Working with your heart has its own rewards…Darrpan sir great initiative by Sugar to applaud all good work…Virtue is its own Award.

  13. deepak

    “Keep Learning” this is the inspirational word for me…..Thanks Darpan for sharing this amazing video.

  14. Venkataraman

    Hi friend, I am Ritu Dewan’s best friend from Mumbai. My heartiest congratulations on winning this prestigious National Award. Let this be a precursor of many more such accolades in the years to come.

  15. Achala Salil Cougnery

    Great job Francois!!!!!
    Really proud of you!
    The Indian Army holds a very special place in my heart because my father was a major in the Indian Army.
    Best wishes for many more in the future….will always be there to cheer you.God bless you and your wonderful family.

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