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Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry Blog brings to you FACES behind VOICES! Meet Sanket Mhatre who is the voice behind M S Dhoni’s character in the Marathi dubbed version of the film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’, is an upcoming biopic based on the life of the cricketer. The film is proposed to be dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and will probably be the first Hindi film to get dubbed in Marathi to cater to Dhoni’s popularity and fans across the nation. Hira M. from Sugar Mediaz spoke to Sanket Mhatre, the voice of M S Dhoni behind the biopic in Marathi.

The voice of Sushant Singh Rajput in the film is dubbed by you for the Marathi version. How did this happen for you? Did you base your voice on his voice or the actual voice of Dhoni?

To begin with I’m honoured to be voicing for M.S. Dhoni, he’s one of the finest captains India has had. There was an audition process that I went through along with a couple of other voice artists. The studio (FOX) then zeroed in on my voice for the role! Did I base my voice on Dhoni’s or Sushant’s voice is an interesting question. I based it mainly on Sushant’s voice, as he has done a fabulous job of capturing the minute nuances in Dhoni’s speech pattern. Besides as he plays the character, something that suits him would make more sense and he also surprisingly looks quite a lot like Dhoni in the film.

What were the feelings you experienced while watching the scenes unfold before you while dubbing for such a hugely historic biopic? Any personal thoughts or amusing stories dubbing for the biopic?

I loved every minute of the Dub. I like Dhoni (maybe not as much as Sachin Tendulkar) but the film actually shows you the kind of hardships he went through before he achieved the fame and success he holds today. The fact that the film is shot in real locations (Dhoni’s house, his workplace, his school, his practice grounds) makes it even more authentic and real. There are moments where I wasn’t even acting because the film pulls you in and you become one of the characters witnessing the events. There were several funny moments during the dubbing process, especially since the movie has several casual scenes and its dubbed from Hindi to Marathi, there would be moments where I’d end up mouthing Hindi lines instead of the Marathi ones and not realise it. Thanks to the vigilance and guidance of Swati Subramaniam who reined me at the right moments.

According to you is there reason enough to release Dhoni’s biopic in multiple languages? As also your views on dubbing films in regional languages

I think if a film is good, then it should definitely be dubbed in as many languages as possible. I myself am a huge fan of foreign cinema and subtitles sometimes take away from the visuals on screen. M.S. Dhoni is the captain of the Indian Cricket team, that should be reason enough for it to be dubbed for a wider audience. Besides he has also served under the T-20 banner for Chennai and has a bond with them. This is I think the first time a major Hindi film is being dubbed in regional languages especially Marathi on such a huge scale. I agree that thanks to Bollywood, most of India follows Hindi, however there are rural parts of many states where it becomes difficult to follow English and Hindi. There will always be a certain degree of apprehension and opposition to a new idea, but competition should always be welcomed. Marathi cinema is having an amazing run, with some stellar movies making everyone sit up and take notice. I don’t think movies getting dubbed in Marathi will hamper its business.

Did you get to meet either the actor or Dhoni during the dubbing or otherwise?

I wasn’t personally able to meet either Sushant or Dhoni during the dubbing process, but here’s hoping that does happen in the future. I’d love to see their reaction to how the film sounds in Marathi.

Sugar Mediaz has two new initiatives – Blogs dedicated to showcasing “The Face behind the Voice” and the other –  celebrating and awarding Voice Artistes. What do you feel about this?

I applaud Sugar Mediaz for their efforts and initiatives. It’s wonderful to see them go out of their way and create this awareness through their blogs and awards. One important aspect (out of many) that makes the Indian Voicing Industry different from the one overseas, is the recognition for Artists. There still isn’t a system in place where dubbed shows have the names of the voice talent in the end slate. Thanks to Sugar Mediaz a number of amazing and extremely talented artists are coming into the limelight. This not only helps inspire the aspiring individuals wanting to be voice artists, but also encourages the voice artists to keep doing better and better.


About Sanket Mhatre sanket-mhatre

Sanket Mhatre has been voicing for almost the past 8 years. An Electronics Engineer by qualification actively pursuing theatre for almost 15 years now, he has started his own theatre group, called ‘The Playmakers’. Currently the voice for the radio station 92.7 BIG Fm and the television channel BIG Magic he has also voiced for Discovery and TLC (voice of Jamie Oliver, ‘though I can’t cook’), History TV, Travel XP, NICK, Disney- UTV, Cartoon Network and several television commercials. Sanket has dubbed for over 150 English movies into Hindi such as The Martian, Deadpool, Tarzan, The Maze Runner, Terminator: Genisys, Total Recall, Elysium, Riddick, The Dark Knight, The Lone Ranger, Inception, Looper, Green Lantern, Inglorious Basterds to name a few. His love for animation and cartoons has always brought him back to voicing for many animated characters like Ben 10, Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto, Jaggu in Chhota Bheem, Power Rangers, GI Joe, Iron Man, Thor, Hal for Green Lantern, Anakin for Star Wars Clone wars, Kristoff for Frozen, Kowalski for Penguins of Madagascar, Max for Max Steel, Gingka for Beyblade, Iron Man for Super Hero Squad, etc. Sanket enjoys making short films and his short film for the 2010- 48 hour short film competition, won the best film in India and went on to be screened at the Goa and Miami International Festivals. Photography and writing are his passions and he is currently working on a graphic novel and an animated series for Indian audiences.

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