Sugar Mediaz – Social responsibility initiative on Teacher’s Day 2017

The Sugar Mediaz team came back richer with the love and affection showered by the 150 kids and teachers at the Mookdhwani School for hearing impaired in Mumbai during the special Teacher’s Day event organised by the team at Sugar Mediaz.

This Teacher’s day was special for the team at Sugar Mediaz. We got to celebrate the special bond between children and teachers at a very special school in Mumbai. Around 150 hearing impaired children and their teachers brightened up our afternoon on 6th September 2017 at the Mookdhwani school for the hearing impaired.

It all started with an idea for a social cause related event that we at Sugar Mediaz wanted to organise. Jassi ji ( Jasjit Kaur) one of our beloved Sugar family members connected us with the principal of Mookdhwani School, Sadhana Madam. Since 1982 the school, run by the Utkarsh Mandal, has been engaged in imparting free education to underprivileged born deaf children at the school in Vile Parle (East).

One meeting with the teachers and children made us realize that we had found our cause.

The event was a fantastic success with non stop games for the teachers and kids and a hall that reverberated with the most ecstatic and infectious chaos of laughter, fun and happiness.

The kids went ballistic with the cute gifts they received from the Sugar Family! The ‘CLOWN’ act saw them jump with excitement as the clown danced with them and showered chocolates and stationery!

Special customized Mookdhwani Vidyalay Diaries were gifted to the teachers and students as return gifts!

The Teachers at Mookdhwani Vidyala with some of the Sugar Team members!








Darrpan did his act as the ‘clown’ and the children went mad dancing and getting gifts from their clown!!


The Sugar Family was represented by our very loving volunteers who devoted their time and energy only because of their passion towards social causes and their love for Sugar Mediaz. We can never ever be thankful enough to them!


The Sugar Mediaz team at the event Bottom row sitting (from Left): Ms. Sheila Sampat, Mr. Dalip Mehta, Hira ji, Amee, Arpita, Rajshree ji. Top row ( from left): Kiran, Janvi, Darrpan and Jassi ji

Sugar Mediaz Volunteers!!

Hira ji – The livewire Hira ji who was an integral part of the event right from the planning stage! her zest for live is infectious!

Kiran – Between managing daunting responsibilities at Sugar Mediaz, Kiran led the team for the entire event and not once did she lose her vivacious smile or patience! :))

Jassi ji – Jassi ji is always her happy self, always ready to help for any social cause related venture organized by Sugar Mediaz.

Arpita – The firebrand Arpita was a pillar of support and help during the event and did not once think before saying a big YES to be a volunteer for the event!

Amee – Though we could not get her to sing for us, Amee was her absolute wonderful and sweet self as she helped the team during the event!

Rajshree ji – Her affection towards Sugar is a matter of great respect and honour for us and she was there throughout the event as a solid volunteer and Sugar family member!

Janvi – Never one to shy away from any responsibility, Janvi carried her thousand watt smile and her Camera along as she captured the event on film and in pictures!

Darrpan – Besides happily playing the ‘CLOWN’ to the children and teachers, Darrpan was happy basking in the glory that the Sugar Family members brought with their efforts and hard work for the event!

A big thank you to Anand and Makrand from Sugar Mediaz for their support during the event!

P.S: Anand thank you for editing the lovely video 🙂


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  1. Hira Mehta

    Thank you everyone.. It was a pleasure to be able to participate.. Looking forward to supporting you at every initiative..

  2. Jasjit kaur

    Wow…6th September what a fun filled Teachers day with the lovely kids of Mookhdhwani school.Indeed always a pleasure to be with them for various events …whether it was a childline project I conducted or other Teachers day events for past years with Inner wheel members…this year was absolutely unique and enjoyable…had to be …the versatile Darrpan Mehta had planned the event under his banner of Sugar Mediaz and he has a record of conducting and organizing work shops and events PERFECT to the last T. Darrpan sirs detailing of any event is inspiring and his Vision in every task takes it to escalating success. I am sure the flavours of the happy event will remain with the little angels at Mookhdhwani school forever. May God give more power to Darrpan ji to touch the lives of the his differently abled people by sharing and caring eternally……Jassi.

  3. Sudha

    – Sudha

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