Thank you Sound Engineer – The silent soldier of the Voice Industry.

Sugar Mediaz Voice Industry blog brings you an interesting piece by seasoned Voice Artiste Darrpan Mehta who writes about the important position that sound engineers occupy in the lives of Voice Artistes. And yes, there is a small tale involving Amitabh Bachchan as well 🙂

While the Voice Artiste weaves magic with her or his voice acting skills, the sound engineer in the studio plays the role of the silent (usually) soldier who is equally responsible for that great Voice Acting performance!

So before I talk about the important role the sound engineer plays during a voice recording session, a small tale involving a Bollywood superstar!

This was a few years back when I was having an informal chat with a sound engineer after a recording session. He recounted an interesting tale about the time he was an intern at a big recording studio and had the good fortune to witness a recording session of none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Mr.Bachchan apparently likes to record early mornings when he finds his voice most fresh and ready for a vocal performance. So this was a narration for a film where he was doing the Voice over. My friend, the then-intern engineer was sitting in one corner of the studio as the main sound engineer took control of the recording and Mr. Bachchan went into the Dubbing room. My friend was all overwhelmed at the Big B’s presence and was expecting him to obviously behave like the megastar that he is and obviously expect the sound engineer to merely obey his commands.

But what happened when Mr. Bachchan started to record is something that my friend cannot forget to this day. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the god of acting and one of the most loved and admired Voices of our country looked back from his microphone position in the dubbing booth and spoke to the main sound engineer with amazing humility and civility… “SIR, you are my God for now.. please take care of me.” Amitabh Bachchan, the man revered by the nation for his acting and Voice called the studio sound engineer who was recording him, God!!!

This tale shared by my friend who is himself a veteran sound engineer today stayed with me and reinstated faith in my values and belief that as a Voice artiste, one should never forget the critical role the sound engineer plays in ensuring a great vocal performance by the talent!


A Sound Engineer plays many roles during a voice recording session.

So, hey Voice Artiste, do thank the Sound Engineer!


About the writer:


Darrpan Mehta is a seasoned Voice Artiste with more than 20 years of rich Voice acting experience across television, radio, corporate communication, events and more. He is passionate about Voice acting and when he is not working, he is traveling solo or spending time working on ways to create awareness about the amazing art form of Voice acting. He is also the Founder Director of Sugar Mediaz, an audio content company.



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  1. radhika

    Beautifully penned Darpan… Its so true… Its team work and mutual respect for each other’s profession’s, hence the output…

  2. Gauteng Arora

    Hey Darrpan

    Can’t thank you enough for giving us a space here. I’m going to share this with all my boys.

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Hi Gaurang, thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation! Do share it with the sound engineers in your team and do ask them to share it with their friends 🙂


    Darrpan , mere bhai .. very aptly said . Sound engineers too are an important part of our fraternity .
    Even I had the great fortune to supervise Bachchan Saab for a dub and he did behave in the same way as u mentioned in the incident …
    Little do other people know about the efforts put in by a sound engineer and the time he has to spent in his chair , re riding and mixing the voice talents or the musicians or singer ..
    Thnx mere bhai for bringing to light this part of our fraternity . I hope one our Bollywood also takes these guys very seriously and gives them the right they deserve….

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Dear Ganesh, your love and support is humbling! such words of encouragement coming from an acclaimed artiste like you means the world to us 🙂

      Thanks again!

  4. vishal agarwala

    Very well said. Silent soldiers. Also, they are the first client before the real client. They ensure nothing not up to the mark is even considered for approval.

  5. N.Ram

    Hi Darrpan..
    You are so right!!Very well written..A sound engineer studies the strength of a voice actor and motivates him/her with his technical abilities..He completely designs the outcome and allows the artist to take away the credit with utmost modesty..
    I appreciate your efforts to celeberate the digital sculptor..I have come across some fabulous,humble,mighty talented sound engineers in my career..
    I never leave the studio without thanking and appreciating them!!!
    Keep up the good work Darrpan..

  6. M Prasanna (Sunny)

    When I was a kid, 35mm film was projected and sound was recorded on spools… I used to be amazed at the “haath ki safai” of the sound engineers then, who knew exactly how much to roll back the spool manually, for recording the next cut!
    But these days… Sound Engineers are nothing short of magicians!! Taking sound mixing to unimaginable new heights!!!
    As a voice artist, I can’t thank you guys enough ???

  7. Anand Lale

    What a beautiful Article Darrpan sir! There are very less people and voice actors like you who respect Sound Engineers and their work. The thing is that an awesome and talented artist like u inspire Sound Engineers and people around you work really hard and in a more creative way!!

    Really a Beautiful Article and thanks for sharing a lovely trivial incident about Amitabh Bachchan Sir 🙂

  8. Abhishek Chatterjee

    Indeed…Sound engineers are the backbone of audio production…nicely recounted Daroan…Big B is such a humble legend…Very inspiring !!!

  9. Amarinder Singh Sodhi

    Hi Darrpan !

    Once again your effort needs to be appluaded for bringing the unsung HEROES ( The Sound Engineers ) of our industry to limelight.

    They silently do their job and let the Voice Artist walk away with all the appreciation. I have utmost respect for each and every sound engineer i have ever worked with coz without their expertise, a Voice Artist would remain incomplete. Studios are like second home to them as they spend sleepless nights to make a project a super success.

    An interesting fact i would like to share.

    In my initial days, i was told by my mentor that if you really want to show respect to your sound engineer, never ever adjust the mic yourself. Let your engineer do that for you as he is the incharge of that place. I absolutely loved that statement.

    Hope these HEROES always get the credit they truly deserve.

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Dear Amarinder, your amazing views about sound engineers speak volumes about your values as a Voice Artiste.
      Thank you again for consistently showing such love and encouragement to our endeavours.

  10. Carolyn

    It’s the wonderful engineers who make us sound as good as we do!!! Hat’s of to each one of them. Kudos to you Darpan for acknowledging these guys

    • Sugar Mediaz

      Thank you Carolyn. It is really nice to see such appreciation for the sound engineers who are indeed critical partners in the success of Voice Artistes!

  11. Prashant Tomar

    Well said and that’s 100% true. Without sound engineers, I think voiceover/dubbing artist is incomplete. Infact the level of mixing done these days is really amazing. Who makes it amazing? Obviously, a sound engineer. Everyone should learn from the tale mentioned above about Sir. Amitabh Bachchan. I like this article. Keep writing.

  12. Kevin Mario DSouza

    Nicely written Darrpan.

    Thanks for the acknowledgement of the invisible work done behind the curtain.

    I recall my days as an active engineer and remember a session a colleague (Mehernosh Unwalla) did with Mr Bachchan. He was characteristically early, in fact 15 mins before the session was scheduled to start. The production house guys were late and he was really pissed.
    It’s his work ethic that would have contributed to him getting there. His humility shown during his session with the engineer, is part of that work ethic.

  13. deepak

    Hi Darpan

    I do not have much experience of recording, but i had done small recording with Dharm ji and he encouraged and helped me a lot during the recording session.Sound engineering is a unique profession in itself. I am much sure that sound engineer always knows your hidden talent and help us a lot to bring it out with the better results.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful article.


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