Darrpan Mehta answers the most frequently asked questions about our Voice Acting Courses!

Frequently Asked Questions
about our Courses

Is it important to get trained to be a Voice Artiste

Can an absolute fresher sign up for the course?

Will I become a professional voice artiste by doing the Beginners' Course?

Can Voice acting be pursued as a part-time profession?

HOw do I get one-on-one guidance on voice acting from Darrpan Mehta?

I have a good voice, do I still need training to be a voice artiste?

Auditions or Industry reference after the Beginners' Voice acting Course?

Will I get a Demo reel after doing the Beginners' Voice acting course?

Details and Procedure for booking a session with Darrpan Mehta

Do I need specific equipment to practice my voice acting skills as a Beginner?